The blogging experience is a first for me and I ran into a big blank when trying to think of what to say.  It’s not anything I thought I would ever do because I know very little about blogging or how to post, edit, any of that stuff.  All I ever do on my computer is check email and work on photos.  Anyway, after hours of trying to decide upon something to write about, strange photographs came to mind. Specifically mine because that’s all I have access to.  And I have just enough photographs and stories that sharing them might actually be…interesting. 

It wasn’t simple coming up with a title either.  While doing on-line searches I discovered that everything I thought of – photoghost, ghostography, etc.  were used quite a bit – so finally I decided to just combine the two main words,  strange and photography. It was nice to finally have one title come up with no results in the google search.  Then it stuck on me.

(But I sometimes see it written as strango-graphy – which is annoying.) 

Oh well.

Anyway, I live in the Pacific Northwest.  Sharing my household with me is 3 dogs, 3 cats, a husband and 2 kids. (Not listed in order of highest importance -but all important). I don’t work in photography (although I sometimes sell a print) but I have always loved it.  I am interested in the paranormal as well.  It’s personal – I don’t think my existence here is all there is to life and I am thrilled with the possibility of getting any glimpse into the next/other world – whenever or wherever I can.  And actually I have had paranormal experiences – some very profound ones, throughout my life.  These experiences have not been communication with those that have passed on – other then possibly through the camera lens.  They are pretty basic.  I can’t make them happen.  Simply said – it’s just been sometimes knowing of events beforehand – good and bad, that have pertained to myself and others – including people I don’t know.  I don’t always like having this, don’t understand it, but honestly I would not change it.  

I guess that would be a whole different blog.  

 My name is Robin – thanks for reading.



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